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Logitech Harmony One +Flirc .... Can I turn my windows PC on with remote?


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I have yet to pull the trigger on Flirc.   Before I do, I was hoping someone can answer my question. 


I have a HTPC (windows 8.1 64) that I want to be able to turn on/off and navigate with my Logitech Harmony Ultimate One remote that I use for all my other AV equipment.  

Will Flirc enable me to do this?  




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There are two Flirc models available:

- A classic Flirc in the form of USB stick: this one allows you to wake the PC from the sleep or hibernation states (S3 and S4). Some changes to power management configuration may be required in the system.

- A Flirc-SE (Streacom Edition): this has different form factor than classic one as it is a board that can be installed internally into a HTPC case. It has all the abilities of the classic model but also has extra pins which can be connected to the motherboard power switch input. It can then simulate power switch press and has ability to power on the PC from full shutdown (S5 power state). It still needs to get 5v either from internal USB port or directly from the PSU if the motherboard disables power to the USB in S5.

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