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Get Apple TV remote to work in Kodi like kodi on an Apple TV


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I'm in the process of getting my new Rapberry PI to run OSMC and is almost there. However I would love to get my Apple TV remote to work with my OSMC setup exactly like it did with Kodi on my Apple TV 2.


I have setup the remote buttons like shown here:




This works in generel. However, there's some details which I would like to get working as well.


One thing is that when I play a video and hits the menu button, it just goes back to the menu, with the video still playing in the background. This is in someway correct, cause when pushing the "back" button this is the right behavior. But in Kodi on the Apple TV, the back-function changed to stop, when I was playing a movie.

Also the functions available when holding the  menu or the enter button dawn for 2 seconds, there came some option menus up in the lists, or the button menu when playing a video.


I was hoping I could set the remote to work like this on my now setup as well. I would be greatful if someone could help me getting these last functions to work on my Apple TV remote.

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The long press is not supported yet and I would not hold my breath for it being implemented anytime soon.


As for the menu button behavior, it's not related to Flirc itself in any way. You need to change it yourself in the Kodi keymap file: http://kodi.wiki/view/Keymap. Kodi allows you to map keys differently for different modes - fullscreenplayer is the one you should be interested in. All required info should be in Kodi wiki.

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