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Does the recent firmware provide the one key = two functions option?


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Hello Everyone,


I've just bought a FLIRC and an Xbox One Media remote for use with OpenElec (5.0.4) on a Cubox-i. I will be recording the keys with a PC running Ubuntu 14.04.


Before I start recording it'd be nice to know if the firmware (v3.5) includes the 'Long key Press' feature request which I saw mentioned in the Support FAQ. The FAQ was dated Nov 2013 so I thought there's a good chance it might be implemented by now. I've had a good trawl through the forum but I can't tell for certain one way or another.


If it is available, how would I go about assigning two functions to the remote's play/pause button? The two functions being play (p) and pause/resume (space).


Thanks very much for your time and any help. And my apologies if this is a very FAQ.





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Hi Thomas, 


It hasn't been implemented yet. 




The two functions being play (p) and pause/resume (space).

Try mapping the play/pause button to the media key "play/pause". The guys at XBMC/kodi suggested it to us a while back.


See "Media keys" controller


Does this help?

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