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I just bought the FLIRC to control my Windows Media Center PC connected to a Vizio TV. 


I am trying to use my Vizio VUR10 remote with the FLIRC, but when I try to program the remote I get some keys that the FLIRC thinks are already programmed.


(Note: I use Bluetooth to control the TV functions, and have a separate device setup on my TV for FLIRC to intercept the IR codes)


The simplest example is the number keys - I can record "2", but when I try to record "3" the FLIRC GUI complains that it's already recorded.

If I use the buttons, I notice that pressing "2" or "3" seems to be recognized as the same key by the FLIRC.

I have the same problem with "5" and "6", "8" and "9".


Anyone have a similar issue? What's my next steps to getting this remote programmed/recorded?


Thanks in advance!

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You would need IR receiver that sends RAW IR data to the PC for analysis (like IR Widget). Flirc unfortunately can't do that.


When you record the buttons do you point the remote directly at Flirc? What is the distance from the remote to the Flirc when recoding? Flirc is very sensitive and doesn't like when the remote is too close to it when recording. You should record from some distance (it depends on the power of IR emitting diode in the remote) or point the remote in different direction (for example at the ceiling) so the signal doesn't hit the Flirc directly. It probably won't help but it's worth a try.

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