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FLIRC-SE: No complettly Shutdown (S5) !


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Whis the newest flirc configurationsoftware (1.34) now the Energy function S3 und S4 (save the operation System to HDD) works fine.

Still I don `t find a configuration to force the Mediacenter to completly shot down.

How can I find this or when I can calculat whis this?

I think the function importent to periodically Shutdown the MediaCenter whis the remote and
shotdown the MediaCenter after a programm crash.

In my first Streacom Media Center whis "IRRC Modul" it is possible without problems.

I'm on Windows 8.1 (x64), firmware 3.5

best regards,


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There's a new 1.3.5-rc.2 release on the Development forum. You can find it here 


This release contains a new firmware which allow power key to operate in both power on and off states. All you need to do is to record a button for "power" key using flirc_util.exe (from CLI) and set that when the power button is pressed the Windows shuts down.

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Hello Yewor,

thank you for your help. Today I install "Flirc V.1.35 " and try to activate the "Power Key" Function. After the installation the Firmware is 3.6
Unvortunaly it doesn`t work.


I think I do something wrong.

Mybe you can tell me what I do wrong. For use the commandline programm "flirc_util.exe"


I use the "Hot To" from here:

and then I try the following steps:

- I open a comandline

- I open the install folder from flirc:

   C:\Program Files (x86)\flirc

- Than I follow the "Hot to"

  "Then record the wake command flirc_util record wake and press the button on your remote you want."

   I try :

      flirc_util record Power    -->  and press the Button  on my remote

- "To make the flirc able to wake the computer "

   I type in the commandline:

          flirc_util Shutdown /s

Best regards,

MediaCenter Owner

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There is no flirc_util shutdown command. If you have your Flirc-SE connected properly (the Power button is routed through the Flirc instead of directly to the board) then you should record a button for "power" keys:

flirc_util.exe record power

and then you press a button on the remote. If you've upgraded Flirc to the rc.2 version I've linked to then you can send the power button signal when the PC is either on or off. It will turn on the PC from any power off state (from suspended, hibernation or full shutdown). When pressing when in power on state then the system settings decide what to do.

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