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Is my Flirc dead?


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I got this useful device a little less than two years back. All of a sudden it stopped working. It is no longer detected by the PC. I have tried with my laptop too, nothing happens when plugged in. The Flirc app says device is disconnected. Tried "Scan for hardware changes" in Device manager, nothing is detected. I think it has given up the ghost.  :(

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It did not stop working while in use. At some time when the HTPC was powered on, I found that Flirc didn't respond. The configuration app does not detect it. I have tried on both windows 8.1 and 7. No, no firmware was ever upgraded.

How to check if bootldr device is detected or not? Please advise.

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Flirc has rather a simple hardware: microprocessor, IR receiver, clock source (I don't know if this is a generator or a quartz oscillator) and few support elements. If your unit is really not showing up as anything in the system then I think there ale only two elements that could be somehow damaged: either the microprocessor or the clock source. The only reason why they could get damaged is that you may have a problem with power source or USB port voltage regulation and the voltage on the USB port is not stable. Maybe there is some overvoltage (I don't know if Flirc has its own voltage regulator to prevent overvoltage from USB). 

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