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Please Explain Interkey Delay, Repeats, etc.


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Hi, I got my Harmony 650 remote to work OK with WMC and FLIRC, however, I press the button, have to wait a tad until it actually moves in WMC until I press the next one otherwise it misses.  I am guessing I can fix this with interkey delay in either FLIRC or the Harmony software or the repeats in the Harmony software so I have been playing around with no luck.  It would be helpful to better understand how each of these things work.  Most forum posts I saw just say hey try increase or decreasing this or that but I feel like I am just floating around in the dark on this.  Specifically it would be great if someone could provide a good definition of each of the following AND some background on what each is actually doing.


FLIRC Interkey Delay (one thing I don't understand is the delay in what FLIRC expects to receive or is this only the delay in how fast FLIRC sends the keyboard command...I am guessing the first because a PC should be able to rapidly receive keyboard commands and buffer them if needed), definition, how works would be great, is the 0-6 in ms or is it just 0-6 with no direct tie to the time.


FLIRC Sequence Modifiers - not sure what this is but noticed that it needs to be on for WMC


Harmony Interkey Delay - again define and how will this work with the FLIRC interkey delay...do they need to match, is there a best way to setup, etc.


Harmony Key Repeats - definition, how does this relate to interkey delay issues, etc.


Having this all in one place and how to use all of these in tweaking the performance or fixing issues would be great (I think?)!

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Predominantly going to be explaining flirc stuff, in theory there shouldn't be too much tweaking needed.


Most of the recent articles in the zendesk are done by me (under Jason's name) as I have more time for doing it, unfortunately I don't know the nitty gritty of how the settings work so Jason will be writing those articles - he has a lot less free time than I do.


I do I agree with you though and we are working on it. I've taken the choice to aim the help documents (at least to start with) toward less technical documentation - we will introduce a "technical section" though.


Interkey delay is telling flirc how long to wait before sending another command to the computer (even if it receiving ir signals),

Increasing the interkey delay will tell flirc to wait longer before deciding the button was let go. 

Decreasing the interkey delay will tell flirc to wait less before deciding the button was let go. 

Not sure if the numbers directly correlate 

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