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Keys on Harmony Control crash complete communication


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i bought this small stick before few weeks and its really not bad. Good work and very easy to setup.


I run the stick on an Kodi 14 MediaCenter with an wireless keyboard from Rapoo.

When i press some keys on the harmony such as "Radio Channels" Play, Stop or Louder/Noiser, the complete communication from harmony and keyboard are broken. Only the mouse pad on keyboard runs.


Always the same keys. On Harmony i programmed the MCE Keyboard and also the remote. Both with the same error.


When i remove both sticks, the FLIRC Stick and also Keyboard Stick and connect it again, no success. Only On reboot the complete system.



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After few testing and new config, i think i found the reason.


I insert "MCE Keyboard" in my Harmony. In standard config all keys are assigned with Names for example the Noise Up = Noise Up. But for my XBMC and "Full Keyboard" i need it to "+".

If i change ALL keys in the harmony from the named one to directly Keyboard keys, i have no one more which crashes the communication.



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