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How to start plex home theater app with apple remote?


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Bumping this thread. I just got my two FLIRC dongles to use with Mac Minis. They are only used for Plex.

While the Mac Mini still has a built-in receiver, the oldest of the two machines (a 2011 model) is starting to misbehave. The IR receiver will simply stop working unless I reboot the machine (I even tried reformatting the machine). Sometimes it will get back alive after a few minutes..

I'm using a Beo4 which emulates an Apple Remote. This works fine once I start manually Plex Home Theater, but assigning one of the 5 buttons of the remote to a hotkey is impossible because (as you guessed) all 5 buttons are needed to properly operate Plex.

Is there a way (even with additional software - Remote Buddy comes to mind but it doesn't support Flirc) to achieve a working solution to launch an app on the Mac?


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