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Hello All,


first off, i've just received this unit yesterday (i'm from Portugal) and i've been playing around with it. Congrats to the developers of this brilliant concept! The setup and config of the remote was simple enough and i began controlling my htpc very rapidly.


It's an windows 8.1 with xbmc. The remote is a One-for-all 9862


My issue is: after recording the down button, every time i use it, it just sends two keystrokes instead of one so, browsing movies on xbmc for instance, when pressing the down arrow (only once) it always descends 2 positions instead of one. Can you guys please help me understand this behavieur?


I'm using the beta 3 rc1 version. Installed it and it updated the firmware. But everytime i start the interface it always recognizes a firmware update and begins the update process all over again. Is this a known issue?


Thank you so much for a great product!


Pedro Gama


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No worries.


Not sure on the firmware upgrade problem. Two observations though:

  1. It shouldn't be too much of an issue as you don't have to have the Flirc GUI running to be able to use Flirc 
  2. There is a RC release 3 for that firmware - so maybe it is a legitimate upgrade request

Let us know if that help document helped your double press issue.


Have a great day Pedro

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