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XBMC/Kodi v14 changes

Ned Scott

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Just a heads up, the default keymaps for Kodi v14 have changed so that P (which is what FLIRC's GUI uses for play/pause on the XBMC window) now only does "play" and not "playpause". This means pressing P while a video is playing will not pause it, like it used to do in XBMC v13. I've actually made a plea to change this behavior for P so that it doesn't break functionality for all the FLIRC users, but so far the pull request hasn't been given the green light: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/5910


Ether way, in the future it would be better if the XBMC/Kodi button menu used the multimedia playpause key instead of P.



Also, there are two very common XBMC related keys not on the XBMC control set: smallstepback (quote) and contextmenu ( c ).



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Hi Ned,


Thanks for taking the time to give us the heads up.


It's pretty convenient that the name change is also occurring, we can keep the "XBMC" preset and introduce a "Kodi" preset.


I'm pretty sure Jason is busy so not sure this will be out in time for Kodi stable release (which I believe is fast approaching).





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