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I've read all the stuck key threads I could find, none of the suggestions have worked for me - I really want to use flirc but it's not working for me. Using my Panasonic TV remote. I've tried all of the inter-key delays, only have wake option enabled. Each time I change the inter-key delays I delete the keys and unplug the flirc. Everything up till 3 is too touchy, below 3 is not as touchy but when scrolling through a list it will hang on some presses/move up to 3 clicks with other presses

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Ive just started having this problem too. Its been working fine for months and started playing up this morning.

I have flirc on raspbmc and use a harmony smart hub. No issues with other devices (lg TV, youview box,Samsung soundbar). I've tried newer firmware, including the latest beta but no change. I've also tried all the suggested fixes such as adjusting number of repeats and delay times but nothing helps.

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