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Wake up issue and apple remote


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Hi, I really would like to buy Flirc IR receiver, but I need to understand if these two things are possible:
1) can I specify an IR Code to wake up the PC from suspend mode, and (important) waking up only with that specific IR code, becouse I don't want to alsways wake up the pc if i'm using a remote for controlling another TV for example (actually I'm using the Hauppauge IR blaster but the wake up IR code seems to be embedded inside and not changeble at all)
2) I would like to finally use the apple remote: is "long press" supported? can I use the "menu" button for wake up the PC and (once waked up) use the same "menu" button for something else like coming back to Windows Media Center main interface (maybe, if needed, in combination with EventGhost)?

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Hi Bart2,


1) Yes, you can record a remote's button which will be used for wake function. In new 3.0 firmware (which is still in Release Candidate state - available on the forum) there are some changes in the way the wake function works. By default, if sleep detection is enabled, the Flirc will wake up the computer with any of the recorded buttons (it won't wake the PC with a code not recorded in it) unless you record a single code for the wake function which will revert the behavior to the one from older firmware (only this one key wakes the PC).


2) I don't know about the apple's remote long press but I think it's not supported yet. About the wake key reuse there is no such option. You can record each remote's button only once and you cannot assign multiple keys to the button. The only way to use all keys and have keep the wake function is to use new wake behavior in 3.0 firmware as I've mentioned in point 1.

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