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 I am looking to order a Flirc to work with my TVonics remote to control my openelec raspberryPi. Is this possible, if I configure this remote to work with openelec, does it mean that the button presses will work on both devices at the same time. Wouldn't want that to happen, as I want to know that while I'm watching tv, I'm not sending messages to play things in XBMC in the background.


 Can anyone advise me, would be much appreciated?





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There are some tutorials here how to do that already but I think that they are mainly based on additional Windows software. I don't remember if some Linux based solution has been posted. The solution basically is to install some kind of software that is able to capture key presses from Flirc and send commands to XBMC conditionally. A condition can be some flag that is set when a specific button on the remote is pressed and unset when some other button is pressed. That way you can control when XBMC can or can't receive commands from the remote. Unfortunately I can't help you with setting this up in OpenELEC as I haven't used any Linux software that can implement this behavior.


The other way around this problem is to use a remote that can control multiple devices and just select a device you want to control. This of course is not a solution if you want to keep using only the remote you mentioned.

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