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DirecTV play/pause toggle

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@asybaNoodling with beta 4 with IR learning to try addressing this problem I made a discovery. It may apply to other devices also... worth a look.

The default setup for DirecTV receivers in the database is for the play/pause button on the Skip to send a "Play" code. There is no "play/pause toggle" command that can be applied. I was going to try learning what my other remotes were sending as a toggle to get the required code, or if not successful apply "pause" to the stop button on the Skip. I noticed that as I was dinking with the other remote, trying to learn the codes, My TV was play/pause toggling when I was pressing the pause button on a remote I was trying to learn.

Turns out that the "pause" command IS a toggle. Removing "play" and applying "pause" to the play/pause Skip button (rather than the default "play") makes the play/pause work as one might expect.

Deep sigh of relief; It had been driving me, or more to the point my wife, crazy! Marital bliss restored - mostly! 

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@english yes exactly that.
I forgot to write this in the forum.

I found the same, using "Pause" I can do play/pause.
except in some scenarios for example If I want to return to see something on my blu-ray player that I had Stop, then the "Pause" will not play, or I have to click the Center Key two times since it opens a menu to ask what source to reproduce.
Or the other alternative that I did is to set "Play" to the 0 digit, since only on few scenarios I will need it and I don't bother having in that place.

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