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LG Magic Remote has 2 modes of work. If it is not paired to TV then it uses IR but if it is paired then it uses bluetooth and only the power button uses IR as bluetooth adapter (depending on TV model it is integrated or plugged in USB port of TV) doesn't support turning the TV on and off.


There is a way to use it because LG allows you to configure the remote for another device. You need to map device type and manufacturer to the input on which you have your PC/HTPC. After that when you switch input in TV to this one the Magic Remote (or maybe the TV changes it). I think it works like this:
1. Button on MR pressed

2. Information sent to TV over bluetooth

3. TV informs MR what IR code should it send

4. MR sends IR code


I think that this works this way because when in this mode, you can display an on screen remote and by clicking the buttons on it MR sends IR codes to the selected device.


BTW I'm writing this based on my own experience as I own LG TV with Magic Remote MR400.

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 Thanks for this information!

With this, I managed to get the Magic Remote (AN-MR650) for my new LG Smart TV working to drive Kodi (OpenELEC 6.0) using a Flirc. It's fantastic to have a single remote to control all the features of a smart TV plus Kodi too! The trick is when the Flirc is programmed using the Flirc app on a Windows PC, it must be done physically close to the TV so the remote and TV can communicate.

I paired the Flirc with an HDMI input using the TV's "Device Connector" menu. That setup requires selecting a device vendor. Of course, neither Kodi nor Flirc are on that list. I chose 'LG - Control Type 2', which works great.

If you are not familiar with Flirc programming for Kodi DVR functions, I detail it thoroughly in my Kodi DVR guide:

The Best HTPC Solution for Internet and Live TV in America

Unfortunately, only about half of the buttons on the Magic Remote can be programmed into the flirc. I don't know why. But, it's enough to drive Kodi including DVR functions if you use the numeric and colored buttons also. It has been reported in the Kodi forum that this is better than the buttons that will work using HDMI-CEC, so I think using the Flirc is a better solution than CEC, as least for the Magic Remote. The Flirc approach is also much easier to get working than CEC.

Regards, Clay

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