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Hi I am trying to setup a uverse silver remote to control xbmc. It will program the basic functions up,down,left,right and enter but the buttons for the ff info etc will not program.


Is there a way to get the remote to take the presses or do I just need to try a diffrent remote for xbmc?



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Strange, that mode should definitely be sending out signals on those buttons.  Could you use your phone's camera to watch the emitter and make sure it is sending out signals when you press the buttons?


If it's sending out signals, your Flirc should definitely pick it up. Heck, it even picks up light bulbs and other sources by accident!   :P 

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I am trying to program the AT&T uverse remote also. It is the S10-S3 black remote. I am trying to use the AT&T mode as I don't have uverse anymore.  Whenever I go to program the keys, the software tells me that "Button already exisis."  All I have programmed is the 1 button and trying to program the 2 button.  I'm using the XBMC profile in the GUI.  Any help would be appreciated.


Also I am using the latest software and 2.6 firmware.


PS I have tried programming one key. Then I went and pressed other keys on the remote and the one key I programmed in the gui lights up.  Do All the keys on this remote use the same IR signal?

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