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Plex and Apple Remote on OS X


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I want to use the Apple Remote with Flirc when playing movies with Plex Home Theater on my Macbook Pro 2013. I have the remote working with Full Keyboard, but then things like Volume Up/Down and Context Menu doesn't work like expected while in playback mode. Instead the movie will jump forward or backwards some minutes with the arrow keys, and the Menu button will exit the movie. Instead the arrow up/down keys should controle volume, and the Menu button should pop-up the Context Menu while playing.


After inspecting the file Contents/Resources/XBMC/system/keymaps/joystick.AppleRemote.xml inside Plex, it seems that the old Macbook Pro 2011 with the built-in IR receiver, would recognize Apple Remote as a joystick.


It will as I understand it send button presses numbered in a way like this:




    <joystick name="AppleRemote">

      <!-- plus       -->      <button id="1">Up</button>

      <!-- minus      -->      <button id="2">Down</button>

      <!-- left       -->      <button id="3">Left</button>

      <!-- right      -->      <button id="4">Right</button>

      <!-- center     -->      <button id="5">Select</button>

      <!-- menu       -->      <button id="6">PreviousMenu</button>

      <!-- hold center-->      <button id="7">Fullscreen</button>

      <!-- hold menu  -->      <button id="8">ContextMenu</button>



I've tried switching between the Minimalist, Full Keyboard, XBMC and Media Keys controllers for Flirc, but none of them seem to work correctly with Plex.


Is there a way to make this work with Flirc? Can I have Flirc recognize the Apple Remote as such a joystick and not a keyboard? Or is there any alternative way to make it work with the volume and context menu?

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