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'Button already exists' still a problem in v4.9.6?


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Over the last few years, there's been a raft of 'Button already exists' reports, and there was mention of a rewritten IR stack. Did this ever come to fruition?


For the record, yes, my remote (Pioneer, variously described as either VXX3092 or VXX3129) does use double-signals for each button, but I'd really, really rather not retrain the elderly user for whom I'm installing this. Is there a solution? Or are my only alternatives either a new remote (and how can I tell before purchase that the remote will work with Flirc?), or breaking out the soldering iron and building my own system?


Since I know I'll be asked :


Fri Feb 24 2023 09:05:12

Flirc GUI Version v3.26.4

Operating System: Windows

<3>record_hash(473): hash exists









<3>record_hash(473): hash exists



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I've since encountered the following additional problems :

- Occasionally forgets some or all keys when moved from Windows (where it it programmed) to the Pi (where it's used);
- Doesn't work in the Pi USB3 ports (other devices otherwise work correctly in these ports);
- Upon pressing a remote button ( https://www.oneforall.com/en-gb/universal-remotes/urc-1210-contour-tv ), the Flirc will sometimes, randomly, repeatedly output that key dozens, hundreds, or even an infinite number, of times;
- flirc_settings.exe will sometimes report 'Flirc is not OK' (or something similar);
- Product support is... lacking.

I'll regretfully return this to the Pi Hut. I do however, keenly look forward to v3 and the device leaving beta.
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