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play/pause button w/ LG CX


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does anyone have a tv with a remote that has separate play and pause buttons?

i'm not even sure there IS a solution here, but does anyone have anything they've done or ideas of how to best handle this?

i can only set the play/pause button to one or the other, since on the lg remote they are separate buttons

it kind of makes that button useless

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3 hours ago, infrb said:

Don't have a CX, I do have an E6, which I set the skip Play/Pause button to Cursor Enter and that seems to toggle both play and pause on Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, Prime. 

I think this is mostly the right solution (I have an LG C1 but I use a Chromecast with Google TV instead of the LG apps). The only issue I expect would be that in some apps, if you've moved to highlight some UI button other than the play/pause button while something is playing, then let the UI fade out, then click the Skip's Play/Pause button, it might click whatever button you had highlighted instead of just doing a play or a pause. Depends if the app keeps other buttons selected after the UI fades out.

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