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unable to erase remote button, acting up


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My flirc has been acting up.  I'm using a Phillips universal learning remote on a Win7 64bit machine.  When I first set it up a few weeks, worked like I expected.


Recently, I wanted to redo some keys.  I could ERASE the old remote keys.  It would say it erased the key, but the keyboard function still works when I press the remote button.


And the the right arrow button stopped working for some reason.  The right button on the remote no longer activated the right arrow button from Flirc.  Should do a clean slate and retrain it?


Edit:  using the latest firmware as of 3-16-2014. 


This is the remote.


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You could try using flirc_util to look inside your Flirc.


I don't remember how to do with win (I use Linux) but try to run flirc_util as admin. (cmd to open the Terminal)

flirc_util # will give you the list of commands, then use for example:
flirc_util keys # will give you the recorded keys
flirc_util settings # will give you all the setting in your Flirc

I'd guess you erased the wrong key ;-)


BTW, I don't think this is a bug...

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