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Found 1 result

  1. I have a little Raspberry Pi box, well actually a bunch of them, that I built as Kodi platforms as well as a little mini PCs running Windows Media Center (WMC) at all of my TVs. Also I use Harmony remotes. On the WMC machines I use standard off-the-shelf Media Center IR receivers with Harmony activities defined as WMC as well as a separate activity set for basically something like an airmouse function. Now that I have added the Pi/Flirc setup, with the XBMC Activity set defined in the Harmony there seems to be a lot of command bleed over, at first I thought it was both directions but it seems it just that the Pi (Flirc) responds to WMC commands, but not the other way around. I assume this means that out of the box the Flirc is configured to respond to the XBMC Harmony profile as well as a standard WMC profile. I have a stock unprogrammable WMC remote and the Flirc does respond to everything as you'd pretty much expect, um not what I was hoping for. So, can I erase the WMC command set from the Flirc without just starting over or is that the deal? I just want it not to respond to WMC remote commands, leave the XBMC commands, and really the rest I don't really care. I have the Flirc software installed on the Pis and after a firmware update seems to work fine (although until I did that it couldn't connect), I'd prefer a method where I could do this through editing a file or through command line. Right now the Kodi Pis use the remote as their sole input device and just boot into Kodi on the HDMI, well actually these Pis also have a little 3.5" TFT touch screen that uses the touch screen as it's sole input device but that's another story. They -will- use a regular USB keyboard and mouse if one is plugged in but the point of the project was to be keyboardless so it's kind of a pain to run around to all of them or round them all up to configure the remotes. Anyway, is this just in a profile file somewhere, or is there a CLI to do this? and is the WMC definition a "package" that can be deleted independently or are the commands all just one big lump-o-stuff?
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