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Found 2 results

  1. Just as a question I'm desprately looking for a remote system that Can let my PS5 be controlled through a Remote. Samsung TV is easy enough and Bose Cinemate_GS_Series_II, and Roku are fairly simple but Darned Logitec remote discontinued before PS5 was released.
  2. I'm faced with the following problem: While parcel with the flirc board was in delivery my shipping address had been changed. Order ID: 21261Date Added: Friday 16th September 2016 08:04:22Payment Method: Login and Pay with AmazonShipping Method: USPS First Class Mail - Package I've been trying to contact the support team ever since I found out that the package was returned back to the sender's USPS facility. Most recent item in the shipment tracking says: October 2, 2016SANTA CLARA, CA03:00 pmDelivered, To Original Sender It seems that the question form on the site is dead. I can not use the phone because I'm residing abroad. Could somebody from the company help me and resend the package to my modified address. THanks
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