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  1. Hi all, I bought a flirc-se, which is the "embedded" version available for a certain case manufacturer. first I want to give some information about my setup: The flirc-se does not power the system from S5. It is connected to a internal USB 2.0 port, that is supplied with power in S5 mode. The flirc-se is also connected to the power switch and to the connector of the mainboard. The system is running Ubuntu 12.04, at the moment there is no option to upgrade to another version. The software package from the download page is not working due to the libusb incompatibility. The beta 3.x... software is working to configure the flirc-se. Currently the flirc-se is running firmware 3.0 In general, receiving commands and translating them to keystrokes is working. After erasing a previously learned key, I have to reassign it twice (click redo and repeat) to save it. As I have some problems making the flirc-se to power up the PC, I have several questions: Which firmware is the most recent stable firmware for the flirc-se that supports the wake function? Is it necessary to learn a specific wake button or is that particular firmware able to turn the system on if any of the learned keys is received? What is the correct procedure to set the flirc-se up to wake the PC? Any help is appreciated, for that, my thanks in advance.
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