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Found 3 results

  1. Simple question first: Is there any way to prevent all button presses except one from waking up the Shield TV? My Environment: I have an HTPC that is running an old version of XBMC, and I control it with a Harmony 650 using a MCE IR dongle. For 4k and HDR stuff, I have been using my Shield TV with its terrible remote. Today was the day that I was going to finally hook up my Flirc to the Shield TV and have one remote to rule them all. I actually got everything working great, except for the wake up issue. When I am blasting Kodi commands to the HTPC, they wake up the Shield TV. It's not all IR commands (like volume up and down) that wake up the Shield TV, but there are a lot of them that apparently overlap. What would be amazing is if I could assign a single key (that I don't otherwise use for the HTPC) to wake up the Shield TV, and only that key (all others to be ignored). Is there any way to do that? The other thought I had was to just map different IR codes to the Full Keyboard controller (which I did), but it seems that the XBMC commands on the HTPC still wake up the Shield TV. Is there any way to make it to where the Flirc only recognizes certain IR codes and no others? My attempt at that was to program my Harmony with some old X10 IR codes, and I then mapped those to the Full Keyboard. It all worked, but again, the other ones still worked too. Does that make sense? I'm super close to having this work perfect for me. Just the one last thing. Any ideas?
  2. I have two gen 1 usb controllers (currently hooked up to Fire TVs). I am trying to switch to Shield TVs and I can't get them to work. Is the gen 1 not compatible?
  3. I'm cross-posting this from Reddit as I still haven't been able to figure this out. I have an Nvidia Shield 2017 setup with Flirc and my Harmony 650 remote. After a bunch of messing around, I finally got the remote working exactly as expected in all the apps I use. However, there is one weird issue that I haven't been able to track down an answer to. If my system is in an off state (tv off, receiver off and shield in sleep or on mode), and on my harmony remote I hit "Watch TV", everything starts up as expected. Only problem is, none of the buttons to control the shield will work immediately. Over the next couple of minutes, more and more buttons will start to work. First the arrow keys will work after a minute or so, a minute later the ok button will start working, etc etc. I haven't timed it exactly, but it could be up to 5 minutes before all the buttons are working as expected. Once it's on, everything works fine until I power off and try the 'watch tv' again. In the meantime, if I hit "Watch TV" on the remote, the shield remote and controller will work fine despite the harmony not working yet. It's very strange. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions on where to look? I haven't provided exact details on exactly how I have everything configured, but can provide details if necessary. I originally had the Flirc key plugged into a USB hub that went into the shield, I've since moved it to plug directly in, but no change.
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