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Found 3 results

  1. I have just received my new (metal) flirc. I still have my old (plastic) flirc. The windows (V2.02) software works with both, but I'm using the flirc on a RPi zero, and it's missing the odd key press from my remote. Previously (when I had this issue with the plastic flirc) I added key presses in-situ using the flirc_util cli. I have downloaded the latest Linux_util.zip, but it's still v1.4.4 and doesn't work with the new flirc (this is the statically compiled rpi version). Any idea when the rpi versions will be updated to V2?
  2. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to use the Flirc IR remote dongle to shut down and power off a Raspberry Pi? Looking on the net I found a python programming to do it by connecting 2 GPIO pins and a push button switch. Ampulex
  3. Sorry if duplicate since i tried searching and didnt get anything. So i got a Flirc receiver, added to my Rpi with OpenElec and configured with Apple 3 remote. So far all good! Perfect. Now all i need is how do i have multi functions, example long press Menu can be right click on Kodi. Or double click the center button can do something. How do i configure this? There is something about virtual keys on the setup instruction. I was not able to understand or create that. TIA>
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