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Found 4 results

  1. OK Guys. I was super excited by my FLIRC and decided to dedicate a review to it when I noticed that the older Fully clear version was no longer on amazon. So I found the new revision here on Flirc.tv and ordered one to compare. While it looks great but I am having issues. I updated the firmware on both and the software to newest as of today and what is happening is I cannot get key repeat to work with the new receiver. The old receiver works great for arrow keys and page up/down to scroll through lists as well as to adjust volume using my Emotiva XDA-2 remote. I just hold the key down and it repeats the action until I let go. I rebound everything in the software for the new receiver in the same way and it only performs the key press ONCE.. And then waits for you to re-press the key over and over. If I swap back to the old receiver it still works fine. There are a few checkboxes in the Advanced settings of the software that MIGHT fix this but I can't get that menu to work correctly. IE Intrer Key Delay is not set to any value and when I try and set it to anything or modify the check boxes it doesn't save when closing that dialog. **Fully updated windows 10 64bit OS Thank you, any help is appreciated. Also do you have any plans to put this unit on amazon to be prime shipped?
  2. Flirc and new Inteset INT-422-2 remote arrived today. Installation/setup was easy as was initial config of Flirc keys and connecting the remote to my TV, Flirc, and Receiver. Everything seems to work pretty well with a one very frustrating exception; virtually no keys will repeat on long press. IOW, the volume, when held down, should repeat and continue to scale up or down. Same with Pgup/PgDn, and directional keys (under some playback conditions). I've done some research and found a few similar posts, but no real solution. I've seen repeated references to changing the Inter-Key in the Flirc GUI. Sadly, I haven't found a really good explanation of exactly what this key does nor do any of the threads I've read offer clues; some people find happiness going from 1-6, other find happiness going from 6-1. I've tried pretty much all of them with no changes. Now, here is the interesting part; This is only happening under Flirc in Kodi (XBMC). When I switch the remote to TV function (which bypasses Flirc), the volume scales up or down perfectly as it should with a long press. so, it seems to me that the remote is working perfectly and Flirc is at fault here. So, can someone provide me a solution? Clearly the Inter-Key sequence is not the problem and the GUI doesn't offer much else. Yes, I am using the latest firmware. Yes, I've done a remove, reflash, reinstall, and clear all key settings and then recorded new settings. I get the same results no matter what. Actually, a follow-up. It seems that my logic is faulty and that Flirc might not be entirely to blame. I have now reconfigured Flirc to use the original TV remote control (Panasonic) and it DOES manage the volume repeat as expected in Kodi. Now, I am at a loss as to why this combination of the Inteset remote and Flirc are not wokring as they should. I'd still appreciate any ideas that might solve the problem of why they will not work as expected.. Thanks!
  3. I have an amazon fire tv/flirc/harmony setup. Using the panasonic tv profile I have remapped all of the buttons to exactly how I like them. Though I have run into one small snag. I used one of the buttons to program the media center sleep/suspend command and put the amazon fire tv to sleep. With that button now programmed for sleep I setup the harmony remote to press that button when I press off to turn off all devices. It all works great and I love it. Recently I have had the issue with repeated key presses on the remote. If I enable the noise canceler in the advanced setup it goes away and that problem is solved. But now with the noise canceler on, the harmony no longer puts the amazon to sleep. If I go back and turn off the noise canceler, the fire tv goes to sleep when I press off on the harmony but I am stuck with the repeated key presses issue. Is there any way to allow these to work hand in hand? Thanks
  4. I am using an RCA RCRBB04GR Universal remote. I have set up the flirc to work with the remote, and all the keymappings are functional, but button presses do not repeat. This would be very useful for things like volume or scrolling through a list, where pressing and holding is far more efficient and comfortable than pressing for each increment. This issue is likely not tied to this remote specifically since the same issue was encountered here: http://raspi.tv/2013/flirc-a-programmable-usb-media-centre-controller-receiver Please let me know if there is a way to enable key repeats with this remote. Thanks. UPDATE: I upgraded to 1.0.0 rc6 and button repeating is functional.
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