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Found 2 results

  1. Here's to one more remote (IR), it's attached. I've used Flirc's own tools (with the Flirc USB) to get the Pronto codes for the Pronto file, using Linux: sudo ./irtools decode -l giving both RAW and PRONTO codes. It works! :) At the moment I've not yet tried the Skip 1s Admin Mode or modified the export/import json. (Salora if you want feedback, from a text file with the same name you could paste a timecode at the 'insert chapter timecode'. (On the screen.) If I remember correctly. The rest I forgot. The other timecodes.) Somebody might already have submitted this brand and model, or this brand and all models, but I learned a lot again. So, cheers. Salora-39FSB6502-TV.txt Salora 39FSB6502 - p8 mod.pdf
  2. Hi, would it be possible for the FLIRC app to show a text based representation of the IR code that has been learned? Key by Key - perhaps in an "advanced" option (I appreciate the aims of the simple GUI approach). There is a huge library of codes and code tools on Remote Central in Phillips Pronto format and I know other products have adopted that format. I think there are even tools that program other remotes using that format on Remote Central. That way we could edit the IR codes the FLIRC responds to without needing the remote handy, and if we have programmable remotes we could cut and paste the EXACT IR code between FLIRC and the remote.
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