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Found 7 results

  1. I have just acquired a flirc - Firmware version v4.4.4.2 with the intention of simplifying the configuration of my Mythtv setup with an MCE remote. The remote works reliably with the MCE receiver and Linux lirc software. The setup utility under Ubuntu would not work - the menu bar at the top was missing so I used my Windows 10 system instead. Latest version of flirc software v3.9.12. I reset the device completely with file > clear configuration then programmed keys individually from the Controllers > Full keyboard. Keys such as the numbers work fine, but buttons such as 'Pause' programmed for 'p', 'Picture' for W only work on alternate key presses. I'm testing with a simple perl program to show keyboard input. What might I be doing wrong? The saved configuration is attached. Regards Phil Config20180319.fcfg
  2. Pressing CTRL-F on my keyboard does a 30-second-skip, a really useful feature, in Windows Media Center. I tried to map a button on my remote to CTRL-F, but it doesn't seem to work in WMC. I'm not using one of the off-frequency remotes; I've programmed my Logitech Harmony to use one of the suggested brands, which I feel certain uses signals near the 38kHz range. The weird thing is, it seems to have mapped the CTRL-F button correctly -- I can open up Wordpad and press my "30s skip" button, and the "Find" dialog opens. However, when Windows Media Center is playing content, the button is totally ignored. Other buttons like "Fast Foward" (mapped to CTRL-SHIFT-F) work fine. I have the same problem with CTRL-B (skip back), and CTRL-D (show info menu). They seem to be ignored by Windows Media Center when the keys are pressed by the Flirc dongle, but work fine when I press those key combos on my diNovo mini. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi All, I just bought myself a Flirc because of the lack of 3rd party IR support in OSX. When installing and configuring the Flirc device I've updated the Firmware to 3.8 (GUI 1.4.4) and then started configuring my Microsoft MCE (Model 1039) RC6 Remote. While configuring I get an error message saying 'Button already exists' when recording some of the buttons on the remote. This is happening for my Up and Down buttons, it seems the Flirc device reads the IR signals sent by my remote as being the same for some button pairs (Up/Down, OK/Back). After searching this forum I fiddled around with the Advanced settings and I could not resolve the issue. One forum topic mentioned something about downgrading the Firmware so I thought lets try. After downgrading the Firmware to version 3.1 (GUI 1.2.8) on OSX with the 'flirc_util dfu' command and starting the GUI which then allows to install the lower Firmware, I noticed on 3.1 the RC6 behaviour is perfect, no more duplicate button messages and everything seems fine. I still have to record all the buttons twice because of some RC6-specific difficulties mentioned in other topics, but that's no problem. When doing some more testing I noticed the Flirc device would not wake up my Mediacenter from sleep, so I searched this forum again and tested all the configurations I found in different topics regarding sleep issues (Sleep detection and different suspend/wake/power button mappings) but none of them solved my problem. I am testing my Flirc device on 2 machines, one Mac Mini (2011) running OSX El Capitan (10.11.5) and one MacBook 12" (2015) also running OSX El Capitan (10.11.5). When putting the machine to sleep I can wake it again using my remote for about 1 minute, after this minute the machine does not respond to any buttons. On the Mac Mini I can see the Power LED going from steady to blinking when putting the machine to sleep, and this takes about 30 seconds. It seems that when the Power LED is still steady I can wake it using the remote, and when the LED goes blinking I can not. Because I'm very curious I updated the Flirc's firmware to 3.8 and tested the Sleep/Wake behaviour on this firmware, and on 3.8 the wake works just fine! Even after this one minute and with the Power LED blinking on the Mac Mini I can successfully wake it up using one of the desired Flirc configurations (one button with wake, or all buttons without wake). So now I'm in the position where I want the FW 3.1 RC6 behaviour but I need the FW 3.8 Sleep/Wake behavior so I'm kind of stuck here and I think I need some assistance from Flirc developer @jason. TLDR; On FW 3.1 RC6 is fine but Sleep/Wake doesn't work, on FW 3.8 RC6 is broken but Sleep/Wake works fine. Help!
  4. first, forgive me, but my shift keys aren't working. i have been working on this for a few hours now and have learned a lot. here's what i have discovered and i know. - i bought a used xbox 360 universal remote control at the goodwill today. in good shape, seemingly working fine. able to control my tv power and volume - running kodi 15 on windows 8.1 pro with windows media center - i thought i was golden when i mapped all my xbox 360 media remote buttons to the kodi layout until i went into kodi and some things worked, while others were sporadic. - reading the forums i learned that this was an issue in 2011 presumably because msft was operating on a non-standard frequency. it was eluded to that it would be fixed in the newest fw. i am running 3.6. - i can now recreate it very simply. go to the minimalist mapping. hit the up button icon then the up key on remote, repeat, get error that says its programmed. hit the down key on the remote and flirc gui recognizes it as an up key press. - the suggestion in the bug read me was to change sensitivity to 0 from the command line. not sure if this is still supported, but i used flirc.exe sensitivity 0 pulled the usb out, put it back in and no dice. - changed inter-key delay to 0 and 6, still no dice - this is also an issue with the 4 and 6 keys the 2 and 3 keys and perhaps others. i figured if i could get up and down arrows to work the others would fall into place. - in 2011 someone in the forum mentioned that your website says any remote works but then it was suggested that microsoft remotes not be used. jason said that that should probably be changed so i am hoping that because it still says that on the front page that it has been resolved but my searching has just not yielded the right solution. i have searched this forum, the kodi forum and the remotecontrol forum to no avail. - i think i have three options, a. get this remote to work b. go get a different goodwill remote, c. get the msft receiver. - please help
  5. Hi All, Neat product, thanks for developing it. I'm trying to use my Harmony One as a keyboard with FLIRC. Harmony has a few keyboard devices, I'm using MCE as it has all the buttons already defined as virtual softkeys. When I try to map those softkeys to the FLIRC Full Keyboard, most of the softkey letters seem to map to either A or B. Example, I can map "A" to "A" but when I try to map the remote's "C" FLIRC says that that button already exists and is mapped to FLIRC "A" I seem to be able to map another remote (arbitrarily chose a Panasonic TV) to the letters on the keyboard, but that is a whole more difficult mapping exercise to track that "Power Toggle" = "A" and "Input 7" = "B". Doable, but hardly desirable. Is there a FLIRC Keyboard profile in Harmony? Am I missing something or doing something obviously wrong? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello, I've just installed Flirc and, apart from the fact that I was using a remote that sucked, it seems to be working fine. Problem though, is that I'm missing quite a few buttons for MediaCenter, for example the button to go to the main menu of MCE and the right-click mouse button, which one uses quite often in MCE. Also there's no record-button. I may be wrong, but to me these three buttons (I can think of a few more, but that's for later) seem to me to be quite essential for use of MCE. Would most appreciate it if these could be added to the software (or, if they are there and I somehow missed them, could someone tell me how to find them?) Thanks.
  7. Hi all just ordered my flirc and expecting delivery soon. Just a few questions while i wait. Ive got an HP mediasmart tv remote that can also be programmed for CBL, DVD, AVR and AUX. The standard tv profile must use the mce profile as it works my xbmc out of the box. Depending what you set the remote up for on the other profiles depends on whats buttons you get to use. So can flirc work with mce signals ok or will i have to set it up in a different profile? My remote is the HP Mediasmart TV RC2285202/01 P/N 5189-3683 http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&product=3369894&dlc=en&docname=c01445164#N1099 http://www.giftspub.com/HP%20MediaSmart%20TV%20remote%20setting%20manual.pdf
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