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Found 4 results

  1. Please can you add a numpad to the keyboard so I can control the m0use
  2. Hello, as far as I understand the flirc USB dongle translates IR remote control signals to (emulated) keyboard keycodes (non-technical: key strokes). There are many 'real' keyboards with special 'multimedia keys' on it (extra keys for play/pause, forward, backward, etc.). However the current Flirc application does not support mapping to such a keycode (even when mapping with 'full keyboard'). I would suggest that the Flirc application should be improved to support 'extended keyboard', so that you can define a mapping from RCs keys to (emulated) multimedia keys. Kind regards, aanno
  3. Hello, I have a suggestion to add a record_raw command that works like the record_api command with the addition to pair with raw IR code. This would be great to make it easier to edit, rearange, sort, copy and append differend configs in a ordinary textfile and then program the file into flirc. I would also like the plex_utils keys command to show all keys...now it doesn't show the keys with modifiers. / Zälda
  4. My issues are mainly on my Philips SRP5107/27. I cannot program the up down left or right functions. If I program the up button and then try to program down, it says button is already paired. I have wiped clean and that does not help. It seems to recognize it as the same button. Most of my buttons seem to do this. As of this moment I have the number pad set up for my buttons (i.e. 2 is up 6 is right 8 is down, 4 is left, 5 is enter or select). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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