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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, wondering if anyone has had any success getting Flirc to work with a Xantech IR repeater. I have the ML85K model: http://www.amazon.com/XANTECH-ML85K-LCD-Friendly-Micro-Link/dp/B00K3AIZFE. It works great with all my other devices, but given the variable mileage everyone seems to be getting with Flirc and various IR repeaters, thought I'd double-check. Appreciate any real world experience or other info that anyone can share. Thanks.
  2. Hello flirc community. I'm having some trouble with my flirc, and I'm posting here in desperation. I purchased this IR repeater some time ago, and have been using it with great success with flirc on a windows vista machine running xbmc. I recently upgraded my htpc, and switched to linux in the process. I programmed the flirc first without the repeater, and it worked fine. I then moved the htpc into my media closet, cleared the configuraiton and programmed it again through the IR repeater. Flirc records the buttons, but refuses to repeat them. The repeater does still work on my 5.1 receiver. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, flirc firmware 1.2.6, and the latest flirc packages from the repository. If it matters flirc is plugged into the motherboard usb ports, not the front ones (I ran into that problem when I was running it on vista). Please someone help me salvage this awesome device!
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