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  1. For several weeks I'm now trying to get my Flirc to work with my Ouya, but without luck. I followed and tried various other things, but can't get a single remote command to work when Flirc is connected to the Ouya. I can safely assume that the USB port on the Ouya is working, as any memory stick, USB mouse or cable based USB keyboard works - any USB device I connect works on the Ouya. My Harmony One works with all other devices and send proper IR commands. I used the profile "Flirc > XBMC" for my activity I program the Flirc through a Mac. Using flirc_util, I get following output after a "fresh" install of the flirc: sh-3.2# ./flirc_util version Flirc Version v1.2.2 [v1.2.2] 2.3 01-25-2014 [0x3DB4D4F3] sh-3.2# ./flirc_util settings Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 6 state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 13 keys remaining: 156 memory used: 8% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 46AB894B escape 1 6576B811 F3 2 869FAF61 F4 3 6FF9C61 F5 4 C633C63C F6 5 C6E38398 F7 6 A5E38398 F8 7 A5FA9C61 F9 8 86BF9B4B home 9 86B71F14 left 10 25B31F14 right 11 65BF9B4B down 12 460CD99A up When I take the flirc and connect to a PC for example, it works. I can control a slide show and do other simple things using my Harmony. When I connect the flirc to my Ouya, nothing works. And whenever I had it connected to the Ouya, it seems to "loose its memory": When I connect it back to my Mac the flirc_util now shows: sh-3.2# ./flirc_util settings Settings: sleep detection: NA noise canceler: NA inter-key delay: NA state: 0 builtin profiles: NA Device currently in bootloader I tried this a few times, and can reproduce it consistently... Starting the flirc software on my Mac will re-program the flirc with fresh firmware and proper profile. Plug it into Ouya - everything gets lost... Does this sound like a hardware problem of my Flirc?
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