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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! Are there known bugs to the Flirc-SE (Streacom Edition)? Windows 10: Unable to shutdown or boot the PC (Kodi 16.1) Linux (LibreELEC LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2.img): Unable to shut down or boot the PC + Flirc-SE is now totally locked after i pressed the power-off button unresponsive because the up, down, left, right and select (enter) button got deleted, does not take any more commands by the remote even after power off, reboot ... There is USB power on the Flirc-SE, cables are correct connected, updated latest firmware in Windows 10. Is this a known behavior or is my hardware damaged somehow or am i doing something wrong here? I did test the same hardware in a MS-Tech MC-80BL computer case, it comes with a remote and included receiver, did work out of the box, even in Linux, downside was: very small case, the boxed intel cpu cooler did not fit and got no internal slot for a sat-tv card. So i guess there is no issue with the motherboard or bios settings. Thanks!
  2. Hi all .... So .. i'm new to FLIRC .. but not new to HTPCs (and building PCs in general) .. i've also read a lot about FLIRC. Anyway .. i'm changing my current HTPC setup, but am keeping my streacom case - i've ordered an FLIRC-SE which will be replacing streacom's IR header ... one very important feature for me is the ability to power on the PC via remote (specifically a harmony ultimate & hub). So - having read quite a bit on FLIRC i was planning the following: mobo to have USB power on stand by enabledupgrade FLIRC-SE to latest fw and make sure internal profiles are enabledadd FLIRC/KODI device to harmonySo ... in theory that should already give me 99% of functionality (right?!) ... what i'm not sure on is powering on - the FLIRC/KODI profile doesn't seem to include a PowerON command (PowerOFF is present) ... do I need to program a PowerON button myself? If I understood correctly - if I don't do that any IR signal will turn the PC on ... or is it any button from FLIRC/KODI profile? That might be acceptable. Cheers all!
  3. My FLIRC-SE sometimes does not respond after I start computer - even if i turned it on by remote. It just ignores any button presses for few minutes, then magicaly starts responding and works fine. Then if i dont use it for few hours and press any button, it responds to it and immediately lockes up again, staying non responsive for few minutes. Its win 7 machine, FLIRC-SE, firmware 3.6. USB selective suspend is disabled. Motherboard is suplying it with power in S5. Im starting to be a bit crazy over here, because i love the product - it just seems very unreliable. Any help would be very appreciated...
  4. Hi there! I have a Streacom FLIRC-SE module in an HTPC running VortexBox (Fedora). Does anyone have a similar configuration and could tell me how to install FLIRC on VortexBox? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I bought a flirc-se, which is the "embedded" version available for a certain case manufacturer. first I want to give some information about my setup: The flirc-se does not power the system from S5. It is connected to a internal USB 2.0 port, that is supplied with power in S5 mode. The flirc-se is also connected to the power switch and to the connector of the mainboard. The system is running Ubuntu 12.04, at the moment there is no option to upgrade to another version. The software package from the download page is not working due to the libusb incompatibility. The beta 3.x... software is working to configure the flirc-se. Currently the flirc-se is running firmware 3.0 In general, receiving commands and translating them to keystrokes is working. After erasing a previously learned key, I have to reassign it twice (click redo and repeat) to save it. As I have some problems making the flirc-se to power up the PC, I have several questions: Which firmware is the most recent stable firmware for the flirc-se that supports the wake function? Is it necessary to learn a specific wake button or is that particular firmware able to turn the system on if any of the learned keys is received? What is the correct procedure to set the flirc-se up to wake the PC? Any help is appreciated, for that, my thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, i just wanted to say thank you. Got my flirc yesterday for my streacom htpc and i think it is awesome, but i only had some hours to play with it until now. Before i start questioning i'm reading through the forum, new IR-Device and new remote (harmony touch) is damn confusing. My first impression is that this is an XBMC thing, good for me using mediaportal. :( I'm switching over from the libCEC adapter because there are some features missing like startig programs and powering on both, tv and pc). That's it! :D Will head over again when done with the setup or completly distracted. ;) greetz loki
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