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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Jeson, as you seem to ignore me on hangouts I will have to post here and hope I get an answer this year. The issue is I'm prompted to upgrade firmware from v.3.11.0 > v.3.12.0 says upgraded fine but it never upgrades. Flirc still works as it should but I get prompted the above every time it launches.
  2. Hi all, about a week ago I bought the Flirc usb device, and it worked flawlessly until today. I use the flirc with a Logitech Harmony One remote, to control my (Windows 10) media-pc with Kodi. I was close to a perfectly working system, but had to make two small adjustments. So, I started the software, and was asked to update the software v3.25.0 (from 3.24.3); the firmware was also upgraded. After that, the flirc did not respond to any keystroke from my remote. The system management of Windows 10 showed a USB-device, with an error message: 'could not start'. Before the crash, a Flirc device was listed (as far as I know) I re-installed software, drivers, and tested everything on another pc, but without any result. So, in one instance a wonderful device became completely useless. I even tried an old trick with Zadig software, but that did not work either. A solution would be much appreciated, as a working flirc is really a great device. A firmware downgrade could probably do the job (but I have no access to older firmware, and means to install it), but other solutions are of course also very welcome. Hope to hear from you soon Adri
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