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Found 1 result

  1. Hi i was the happy proprietary of a flirc for a year. It worked perfectly out of the box with the fw from APR/MAY 2014. Until 2 days ago when I had the bad idea of a fw upgrade to the last version..... Since that moment flirck stop working randomly... It is connected to an android STB (a K-R42 device) with Kodi (aka XBMC)... Initially, when is connect to the usb port of the android stb, it works well... But... few minutes after it stops working... If I unplug it and plug on my windows PC I can see the key map thorugh command line and If I open a notepad and use the remote controller I can see the typed keys.... Last night I tried to downgrade FW downloading GUI 1.2.4 (i think it is the one came with my flirc) from here and tried to did it as this guy explains But when I try to downgrade the GUI hangs with the message "Firmware being upgraded, please wait..." and remains there indefinitely.... So please... someone can post a detailed HOW TO downgrade flirc's firmware?
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