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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, to resolve my problems with FLIRC and recording of my IR-codes from the Toshiba PC 'Qosmio' IR I tried every option from the 'Advanced' menu item but it keeps in "not working" state. E.g. the error message 'button already exists' occurs very often and even if not the recorded commands does not work at all or does not work as expected. Therefore I cannot use my Windows 7 media center HTPC together with FLIRC and my existing setup! I have read a lot of problem reports in this forum and my conclusion is: "Use any remote with your media center" is marketing bullshit. Sorry about my clear words but I'm very disappointed about this WRONG advertising. Why? Because also my IR keyboard "LiteOn SK-7100" shows the same negative result and for around 40 EUR (Amazon.de, approx. twice the price as in the US) FLIRC is a bad experience for me. One positive aspect I recognized: The "Flirc Kodi" device in the Logitech Harmony database works out of the box with my LINUX based Kodi HTPC. (This was only a cross-check if the FLIRC hardware is in general working.) For (e.g.) this use case you may get happy with FLIRC ... Michael P.S. I wrote this to inform other people which may have equal problems and not to get advices / help ...
  2. On this HP PCI Express remote, the PLAY/PAUSE key is triggering the WindowsKey+P command on windows with my flirc set to default. I've been searching the forums to find a way to reprogram it with no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated This is the error i keep getting when i try to program the Play/Pause Key with anything...
  3. I just purchased flirc off of amazon. I'm trying to set it up for the first time. I'm trying to use a comcast remote with my HTPC, but everytime I go to program more than one button, the program gives me "button already exists". I have tried 3 different comcast remotes, and each one does the same thing. I can set it up with my Panasonic TV remote, but i need the comcast one to work since it also controls my surround sound system. With the comcast remote, it seems to act as if every key press is the same button. Is there a fix for this? GUI version 1.2.6 firmware version 2.6 dark silver comcast remote This was also happening before I forced the firmware update.
  4. I just got my Flirc. The remote I'm trying is for a Pioneer DVD Recorder DVR 520H. Its known as the VXX2910, an image (taken from Amazon) is attached: If I record one button - "up" - it's fine. I then try "left", and I get "button already exists". Same for "right". Same for "1", same for "2" etc. I've attached my fcfg config: my_flirc_config.fcfg I'm recording it on Windows 7 x64, with the intention of then using it on a headless Linux system. Tried suggestions I've seen around the forums, such as disabling built-in profiles, (attempting to) adjusting the sensitivity. Firmware came as 3.1, tried updating it to 3.5 but that hasn't helped. Any ideas? Thanks!
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