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  1. Here's to one more remote (IR), it's attached. I've used Flirc's own tools (with the Flirc USB) to get the Pronto codes for the Pronto file, using Linux: sudo ./irtools decode -l giving both RAW and PRONTO codes. It works! :) At the moment I've not yet tried the Skip 1s Admin Mode or modified the export/import json. (Salora if you want feedback, from a text file with the same name you could paste a timecode at the 'insert chapter timecode'. (On the screen.) If I remember correctly. The rest I forgot. The other timecodes.) Somebody might already have submitted this brand and model, or this brand and all models, but I learned a lot again. So, cheers. Salora-39FSB6502-TV.txt Salora 39FSB6502 - p8 mod.pdf
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