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Found 1 result

  1. Just fini]shed a new build of a Silverstone based HTPC. I thought I could use the remote control that came with my Hauppage TV Tuner card to program my Harmony One to power the HTPC on and off but to no avail. I now have installed FLIRC thinking that using it in conjuction with the Harmony One remote would allow the HTPC to power on/off but it appears that FLIRC does not power the HTPC on/off but only controls the media center program in the HTPC. The components are installed in a cabinent with an IR repeating system which has always worked fine once I find where to stick the repeater bulbs! Any way to get it to power the HTPC on and off? I am using a wireless keyboard without a power button (Addesso 3000UB). Can I program it to power the HTPC on and off or is there another keyboard that will provide the power on/off option in this configuaration? Thanks for any help. The last time I built an HTPC was 2007 and I am not getting any younger! bltblt
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