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  1. Hello again Teddy, Can I make the power toggle on the Harmony One remote the sleep button and the Activity Button used for powering up the HTPC the wake button. Sorry about being so uninformed on this stuff. B
  2. Good Morning Teddy, Thanks for the detailed if frightening method to get the remote to wake/sleep the HTPC with Harmony One. I am in that situation with an SSD drive storing my Windows 7 OS. I am not an astute or accomplished computer person but I did build my new HTPC by myself after building my first one 7 years ago. I must admit that I do not want to turn my new HTPC into an anchor by making a programing mistake. How risky is your method for a dweeb rather than a nerd? B bltblt@aol.com
  3. Hi Curious Flirc-er, Just now attempting to install FLIRC on my newly build HTPC runnning WMC in Windows 7 to pair with my Harmony One remote. Really just want the Harmony remote to turn the HTPC on and off or wake and sleep. I prefer to use a wireless keyboard for the rest. Any tips you can provide from your experience? email to bltblt@aol.com if you can. Thanks B
  4. Just fini]shed a new build of a Silverstone based HTPC. I thought I could use the remote control that came with my Hauppage TV Tuner card to program my Harmony One to power the HTPC on and off but to no avail. I now have installed FLIRC thinking that using it in conjuction with the Harmony One remote would allow the HTPC to power on/off but it appears that FLIRC does not power the HTPC on/off but only controls the media center program in the HTPC. The components are installed in a cabinent with an IR repeating system which has always worked fine once I find where to stick the repeater bulbs! Any way to get it to power the HTPC on and off? I am using a wireless keyboard without a power button (Addesso 3000UB). Can I program it to power the HTPC on and off or is there another keyboard that will provide the power on/off option in this configuaration? Thanks for any help. The last time I built an HTPC was 2007 and I am not getting any younger! bltblt
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