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  1. I am trying to set up flirc to work with the amazon fire tv but it doesn't seem to be working, some buttons seem to work while others do not when I use the Filrc - Amazon Fire TV profile in the Harmony 650. Would buttons not working be a sign of the multiple button presses being sent, or is there something else I should be looking at? I admit it has been a while since I messed with the Harmony remote as things had been working well for my set up for some time, but now that a device failed I'm exploring other options for Kodi which led me to the amazon fire tv. I am assuming then when I upgraded the Harmony software, my remote was updated to the latest firmware. Also, can anyone chime in with using a Harmony with a Flirc to control KODI from the amazon fire tv? I've had a go at setting it up but again my results were that some buttons worked while others did not. I tried the method that Hypnoz suggesed in this post:
  2. I was going to try out the beta firmware but was met with a surprise - the Flirc had been unplugged. I'm thinking it was my 3 year old daughter, which means it could be anywhere in the house... if I ever find it I'll post back with my results, thanks for the help guys.
  3. In my current set up, I have F2 mapped and that is working well to put the PC to sleep. I'm using V1 firmware, so any button press wakes up the PC. This is working too well though, because when I press the Watch TV button on the Harmony remote, the PC wakes up. It is like the Harmony remote sends a signal to the PC thinking it is part of the activity although it isn't, just the TV and cable box are part of the Watch TV activity and should be powered on. Is there a setting within the Harmony software I should be looking for?
  4. Thanks Chris, I didn't think the button had been mapped before but it was. I'm on the right track now to get things going but I think I need to look at the harmony settings a bit to see if I can prevent it from sending extra power signals to the computer when it is off - for instance if I just have the TV and cable box on and power them all down, sometimes it wakes the computer up.
  5. I've set up the wake command as DigitalBoy stated and it seems to be working well. I tried to set up the suspend command that burke mentioned above, but am having problems. If I try to map the "All Off" power button on my harmony to the f2 key, I get an error that the button is already mapped - I get the Button Already Exists message from flirc. What I'd like to have happen is if I press the All Off button on the remote, XBMC is suspended and the TV et al are turned off. Is this possible using firmware 1.0?
  6. This may be a dumb question, but can I map the s button to the power "all off" button? Ideally I'd like to have the computer wake up when I switch to the xbmc activiy and go to sleep if I power off or switch to the watch tv activity. Any one have experience in mapping a harmony remote this way?
  7. Got it, not sure what setting I had wrong but I remapped the buttons in flirc and everything is working now.
  8. THis is probably something that needs to be fixed in the Harmony software, of which I work with so little I find it incredibly confusing each time I'm in there, but when I'm in my XBMC activity, my remote won't work - I have to press Devices and select the XBMC Remote (Panasonic mapped buttons as per the guide on the forum) to get it working. What do I need to do to have the buttons control XBMC from within the Activity setting? Thanks!
  9. Finally got my Harmony working again! Logitech had to reset it and it took them FOREVER to get it done. Silly question, but what key to I map in the Flirc software to the power button on the Harmony remote for wake/sleep purposes?
  10. I installed XBMCbuntu on my ASRock Ion 330Pro yesterday with great success. Everything is up and running very well, and required very little configuration for my basic set up. An old MCE remote even worked out of the box - I'm using this remote now while I'm waiting to hear back from Logitech support because the wrong remote was deactivated.. grrr... There seems to be an issue with the computer waking up from sleep - if I put it to suspend from the menu, I'm not able to wake it up from the remote. If I press the button on the computer, it seems to boot up as if it were powered off. I did change the setting in XBMC to "suspend" (I forget the name of it, power event maybe?) and that didn't seem to change things. Will this be resolved by setting up wake-on-device on Ubuntu?
  11. I have a pretty basic set up right now, using my TV for audio output and have a mini RF keyboard to use when needed so hopefully set up won't be too difficult. Not as easy as Windows and maybe not as easy as OpenELEC, but there are resources I can look up when I hit a roadblock. I very much look forward the wake-on-device write up, please let me know when that is available!
  12. Posting back with my findings... and the results aren't good. Most of the TV centric buttons aren't mapping using another device setting for the remote. I can probably map enough to get by, as this remote will only get occasional use. It is on a TV in the basement that doesn't get used a whole lot, so for basic XBMC playback it should suffice. I do have a Harmony remote that I use on a different TV/PC and I am going to pair up with another flirc device soon, so I'm looking forward to that match up!
  13. Fantastic! Thanks digitalb0y! I replied to the xbmc forum also. OpenELEC has been pretty cool, but I'm running into a couple issues that I can't get resolved, so I'm eager to try out XBMCbuntu to see if I can get the smoothest experience possible. Is it possible to suspend/wake XBMCbuntu right now with flirc, or is it best to wait until the firmware supports it?
  14. My general question is - Is it possible for flirc to wake up OpenELEC? But there are a few things at play: From what I've seen, it seems like shutting down/booting up OpenELEC is the most popular thing to do since boot time is insanely fast. However, my computer (ASRock Ion 330Pro) can't power on from USB (as best I can tell) so I'm wanting to put OpenELEC to sleep so it can be woken up by a button press. I had this set up in Windows 7 using EventGhost and it worked pretty well most of the time. I'm very new to OpenELEC and don't have much experience with trying to get a remote to behave with it, so flirc seems like a good thing for me. I've read about some issues with the Eden builds of OpenELEC having issues with going to a sleep state, and I'm not sure if this has been resolved. Support for waking/sleeping is in beta in flirc and I haven't tried out the beta firmware yet, so I'm posing the question to those who may be testing it. To make things worse, I currently can't test anything, my Harmony remote isn't registered with the Harmony software because of a warranty replacement issue. I'm in contact with Logitech support but it is a slow process. If anyone knows if this set up is possible, or how to implement it, I'm really interesting in the details, thanks!
  15. Hmm, there are no codes for TVs listed in the manual. I think my best chance of getting more available buttons to map in flirc may be using the Cable button in the hopes that some of the channel themed buttons will send a signal. Too bad this particular remote doesn't have an AUX option. I'll do some trials and post back with what I find. Thanks for the information Chris!
  16. I'm noticing that when I'm in DVD (or VCR,Cable, or STB) mode for the remote for my old Samsung TV (HL-S4266W), not all the buttons are able to be mapped via flirc. Buttons like the four solid color buttons and buttons that pertain to TV functionality (like Antenna CH MGR, Fav. CH, etc) are non-responsive in any mode outside of TV mode by default. My question - if I try to customize the remote control to work with a different device as it is laid out in the manual (press the DVD button, then press the set button and enter in the 3 digit code), would more of these buttons magically become available since the remote would then be trying to replicate the functionality of a different remote control? Or will I be out of luck, meaning a remote packaged with a TV will always have some extra but way too limited functionality as a universal remote. Does anyone have a good Manufacturer I could try that would open up a lot of extra buttons on the remote that I can then map into XBMC? Any device in the DVD, VCR, Cable, or STB categories would seem to work. Thanks!
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