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  1. I've configured MCE dozens of times over the years and I've never had it refuse to continue because I didn't have an IR receiver. Something isn't right here - are you sure you can't just skip that step? You can control MCE with a keyboard, I know that, so FLIRC should work fine with it.

    Edit: Wait, are you trying to do this with analog capture/set top boxes by chance? I.e. not with a tuner?

    Hi ixian. Thanks for your reply.

    I've looked carefully and there is no option to skip the IR step in Media Center setup.

    My setup is as follows:

    I own a Windows Vista MCE Remote & dongle, but it is not attached.

    Please let me know of any questions. I hope this helps to diagnose the issue I'm facing!

  2. Sorry I wasn't clear...

    MCE's configuration routine looks for an IR receiver to be plugged into the computer. Even with (what I believe is) a compatible IR dongle plugged in (and recognized by Windows), MCE does not recognize the IR during configuration, and I cannot continue. It's a well-known problem on the web (google "windows media center windows 7 doesn't find ir receiver"), but solutions for my configuration (Win 7, 64-bit) aren't there...

    I've got a friend who used to work at Microsoft and is friends with the MCE project lead. I'm going to reach out to him tomorrow and maybe -- hopefully -- get an authoritative answer.

    I guess my questions for this forum are these:

    1. Has anyone else here encountered and (hopefully) overcome this issue?

    2. Can FLIRC help solve this issue? I haven't tried it yet...

  3. I know this is a long shot...

    In my quest to find a wife-acceptable replacement for the long-in-the-tooth-and-no-longer-developed Beyond TV (which I have used happily since it was introduced), I've tried several other PVR solutions... Front-runner was SageTV until Google made it go bye-bye. Then I've been considering For The Record (4therecord.eu) along with MediaPortal with XBMC as the frontend, but have been slowed by the complexity of getting it all working together (guide schedules, commercial skipping, etc.)... I've been gnashing my teeth.

    Then I realized that my copy of Windows 7 (64-bit) came with a copy of Windows Media Center! I am embarassed that I've forgotten that it was there for so long.

    So, this past weekend, I tried to configure it but got stuck/stumped by the IR dongle that MCE did not detect. I've got a Vista MCE Remote with dongle that Windows recognizes, but not MCE.

    I know this is a long shot, but:

    1. Does Flirc address this problem (or could it be made to)?

    2. Does anyone know a way around this issue?

  4. Jason... I want to post a public "thank you" for what you did recently in my wife's name.

    Without making the details public, I want to let everyone know how much it touched us.

    To everyone... I know this post won't make sense to you. Just know that this developer -- this man -- is awesome.

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