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  1. Greetings. I can now confirm that the Microsoft DVD Remote (original XBOX) won't work properly thanks to the older posts that mentioned it It is very skiddish and most keys will not program at all or if they do they are erratic and seem confused (sends two or more commands and not even the correct key pressed). :( I bought 2 flircs (and would have needed two more) but since this remote doesn't work correctly with flirc, isn't as cool as I hoped. I guess it's my bad for not searching the forums before buying a product that touts "Any Remote". Should have an * on that tag line. Sorry. However, it has the same basic issue using Scientific Atlanta Explorer remotes (model 8300hd and 4250HD ) which is a second strike. :( :( I can get it to work on the tv remotes I have with no problem, but where I need them the most, the controllers lack media control buttons so they are useless with the WAF factor as well. Bummer really. Strike :( :( :( I really thought though my flircs were defective since I tried to program on (2) Win 7 64 PCs and an Ubunutu 32 bit box using 6 different remotes (albeit that 3 were the Xbox, 2 were the 4250HD and 1 was the 8300HDs). I tried beta firmware, Win command line and linux command lines as well. I spent way too much time on something I didn't think to check out - the forums; well, at least in the case of the MS XBOX remote. I was about to give up before I thought to try my crappy TV remotes (Samsung, Mitsubishi and some other generic LCD I have [cheap brand - forget which]) and they all worked. Who woulda thunk it? :huh: Anyway.... To summarize.... FLIRC DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY WITH: original XBOX DVD Playback Remote Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HD Cable Box - Optimum Is there any possibility of the MS support increasing? Same for the SA boxes (very popular cable boxes)? Anyway... great product, but for me, not so great to make use of my existing WAF approved remotes.
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