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  1. I have been experimenting and it looks like you can manually add new commands to the Harmony Flirc profile just like other Harmony profiles. I was afraid that if a remote button was mapped to a command/key in Flirc using the GUI or CLI that the new configuration would completely override the firmware default mappings that the Harmony profile relies on but it appears to not be the case. I have been able to add new commands/codes to the Harmony Flirc profile from within MyHarmony using the "add a command" function under Devices or Buttons which allows the Harmony to learn new codes from another remote. Then I use the Flirc GUI or CLI to map the new button/code to the key/command I want Flirc to send. An example is that I created a "Wake" command in the Harmony Flirc profile and learned the power on code from another remote to the Harmony. I then went into the Flirc CLI (also was able to repeat with the GUI) and recorded this new Harmony button to the "Wake" key. All the other default commands remain active and the keys command in the CLI just shows the new keys added. I hope this make sense (maybe everyone already new this) because it allows the use of the current Harmony profile to generate the majority of your Harmony commands and you only have to add the missing ones instead of trying to come up with another good base remote profile like the "Panasonic TV" remote etc. Overall I think that there will be less commands that need to be added. I guess basically this is a composite of the two solutions for setting up a Harmony remote. Along with murkyl's post above this appears to open up a whole range of customizing possibilities w/o having to start from complete scratch on the the more basic/common commands. I have not tried to assign a button that is sending an existing/default Harmony profile command/code to a new key/command in the Flirc GUI or CLI (like ContextMenu to key "M" instead of "C") nor have I tried to create a new Harmony command/code and assign it to an already existing default firmaware key/command (like Home to "Back").
  2. OK, so I found another way to access the shutdown menu from the skin and I can always manually wake my HTPC by pushing the power button so not a lost cause it just leaves things to complicated for my wife to run unfortunately. Aslo I think the poweroff command in the Flirc profile does not work because I am using Frodo and it looks like this profile is based on Eden and I think the keyboard commands changed with Frodo for this function. I will hope that these features are added eventually and in the meantime consider changing back to the non-Flirc profile method. Besides wake and sleep I would also recommend adding Esc in the future as well. I also wonder if possible now or in the future to combine the built in commands from the Harmony profile with adding additional commands or overriding some commands from the Flirc GUI or command line utility programs.
  3. Let me add to the above post that I am using the latest V1.0.0 RC2 firmware and I understand that is is not considered a stable release and that the Harmony profile is not considered fully functional so if there is not work around at this time that is fine. Overall I think the Flirc hardware and software are heads above anything else available, thanks for all the work and support.
  4. Is there anyway to get the custom Flirc device/profile for Harmony Remote to be able to wake and sleep the computer with single button presses. I understand that not all possible commands are implemented in the Harmony device profile at this point but it seems given the new firmware with one of its main features being a wake command that this would have been an obvious command to implement in the Harmony profile. Shut down or sleep can be done through XBMC menu selection I guess although that can take several steps depending on what skin you have and may not be possible at all, again depending on the skin setup and the current available Harmony commands. For example I have Openelec with Frodo 12.2 and Transparency skin and the only way I know to shut down or sleep the system is with the "S" key (shutdown or system menu) or Ctrl+end (exit XBMC) both of which are not available in the current profile. As far as waking, again there is no wake command and if I do not implement this feature then with the new firmware any remote key press will wake my system whether programmed into Flirc or not. See my previous post
  5. I am using the same remote. I set Aux to a Panasonic DVD code in the hopper remote menu (something I knew would not be duplicating codes to any of my other equipment) but only a few of the keys would work. In the end I had to go back into the the hopper menu and learn codes to most of my keys from old remotes I had laying around the house. It took a lot of trial and error to get all the keys to work without duplicates plus sometime flirc would say the key was already in use even though I knew there was no duplication so I would have to relearn the key to another code. It was a hassle but I finally got every key to work.
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