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  1. Thank you for your answer i understand this , but i can't find how to do it , i ctr+alt +x to the shortcut but i cant fin how to add this to my harmony touch remote because when adding a commande dont give me a keyboard suggest in xbmc flirc profile.and can't type ctrl+alt+x any way because the profile flirc xbmc is not microsoft keyboard. :(
  2. Hi everybody , fisrt of all excuse my english im not english speaker, i bought flirc in europe, so happy to receve it because i like innovation and i want the new things I'v got a Harmony touch remote , for my window8 pc and my XBMC installed on it, it's my home cinema installation, tha's good thing for me and for my children. so i got the flirc.bin file and installed it to my w8 homecinema and , configured my harmony touch withe the corresponding profile flirc xbmc,every thing is okay . Inconvinient is thats My xbmc , must be running on windows before i can use the harmony touch activity But my hope is to configure somme button to lunch firefox or internet explorer , or to go to desktop, with the metro surface of windows 8. or when i m on the desktop i want to lunch the xbmc or ever media center with my harmony touch but i can't So i began to programming my harmony touch withe microsoft mce and going to my flirc to use it , it not work any touch or any botton not working so i change it to the LN46C650L1F profile but after few keys when programming flirc on keyboard it crachs on the "x" touch to mean stop in the xbmc sofware.it not responding and close. my question how can i configure my harmony touch with flirc ?to drive windows 8 desktop , and to drive xbmc too? and how can i get from xbmc and return to the desktop windows 8 .? Can any one have a config file to share withe me please ? i v spend all the weekend learniing how to? do but nothing s good? Thanks for your attention.
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