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  1. Hmm, still really strange (at least to me). It didn't seem to follow the normal symptoms and strange inter key delay solved it.


    Please keep us informed on the remote and i'll write a help document for it in our zendesk so others can benefit, more than anything I don't understand how changing inter key delay helps (but i'm glad it's working again)



    Should I be installing any software on the Raspberry Pi or updating any firmware or anything? It seems to good to be true how awesome this is


    Nope, once programmed flirc doesn't need any software installed. It's super neat.




    on my Harmony remote, for the life of me, I can't find the button that is equivalent to the HOME button on other xbmc remotes.Is there one? Do I need an update or something?

    How did you program the remote?

    Like this?: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201676079-Harmony-Remote-Control

  3. Ah, Israel. Jason no longer ships them outside of the US, when you click on your cart (https://flirc.tv/cart/) you will see a banner: " Not in the US? Order directly from an authorized distributor "


    Check out our list of authorised distributors here: http://www.flirc.tv/distributors/

    They'll get it to you quicker than through Jason


    I'll talk to Jason about maybe changing the check out to avoid confusion - sorry about that

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