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  1. A second question, can a single keystroke send overlapping keystrokes, such as "CTRL+ALT+A"

    This is possible. Just assign the key combo to the remote button using the software.


    Basically, I'd like to press one button on my remote, and have it Wake the computer -> enter my password to unlock windows -> set the audio levels to max on the pc -> launch windows media center.

    Flirc won't do this natively

  2. An then, there are no instructions what to do after flirc_util record pause is entered into the command line. Is the flirc programmed based on that entry? What keyboard keyboard key needs to be paired after that, if any?


    We really need to get a profile sorted out for playstation 4. Even I don't know what to do with command line stuff (I'm not a tech person)

  3. You can program from different controllers and Flirc with remember the key that has been programmed.

    The only way Flirc would forget a key would be if you deleted a key using the erase function, cleared the configuration or (rarely) a firmware upgrade may wipe a device (though we endeavour to warn users about this)



    Kodi is still in release candidate status

    It's stable now. There are very few differences between the keymappings - I don't think the pre-mapped harmony remote settings use any of these, though we may have to change the controller in the GUI.


    Videos are quite hard to make, i've tried making them before - they take a lot of time and effort. At the moment i'm targeting help documents at less tech experienced users (as you mentioned). It may be worth pursuing in the future but I don't imagine they'll be coming anytime soon

  5. Please remember that before the firmware upgrade the FLIRC seemed to work correctly. I only applied the firmware to try to work around  a couple of minor issues recording the extra buttons I was trying to use (Guide LiveTV)


    Yeah, i'll get Jason involved as i'm puzzled. Though it is concerning if it no longer works as potentially it means something is broke in the firmware update. But i'm out of my depth.


    Function                 Wrong          Correct

    Up Arrow                   Up                 PageUp  

    Down Arrow              Down             PageDown

    Volume Down           Oemplus       - (minus)

    Volume Up                Skift+Oem4   + (plus)

    Skip Back |<<           R                   , (comma)

    Play >                       Ctrl+P            P

    Skip Forward >>|      F                    . (period)

    I just dug out my harmony remote and programmed it on myharmony with the default flirc profile, my findings:

    Up is mapped to "up arrow" - correct (as per the kodi wiki)

    Down is mapped to "down arrow" - correct (as per the kodi wiki)

    Volume up is mapped to "+" - correct (as per the kodi wiki)

    Volume down is mapped to "-" = correct (as per the kodi wiki)

    Skip Back |<< is mapped to rewind "r", if we map it to "," then that is the same function as press "arrow left"

    Skip Forward >>| is mapped to fastforward "f", if we map it to "." then that is the same function as press "arrow right"


    The only one that is properly wrong is Play which should be P (in the meatime you can press ok on a video file to play it)


    Or as yawor says, correcting it is easy enough for now



    Maybe then we can wake up the PS4 with Flirc? 

    It could be possible. As Jason said, we'd be super thrilled if you could give it a go.

    Is plex not a free install on PS4?


    You may need to assign a wake key (try not doing it first), here's a guide:


    (I think you can ignore the firmware stuff, just make sure you're at least on the latest stable firmware - 3.5)

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