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  1. I think it's fine the way it is - advanced users who require the keyboard preset are likely to come across it keyboard preset on their own, where as users who only require simple may can confused by a full keyboard.

    Perhaps the option of which one you want to program could be more obvious - but I don't think it's a big deal at the moment

  2. Apparently you should be able to adjust the key repeat using the software:


    About page 21 I think.

    If you could describe how to do it I would really appreciate it so I can add it to a sticky as it seems a common issue. I however cannot adjust my key repeat as I have the cheaper one :)

  3. Good work eskro.

    The only problem I can see is if people have a samsung tv it will edit the tv and flirc. (both me and my brother have a samsung tv - manufactured 4 years apart and the remotes can control one another for every function (other than new buttons))

    I think i may look into how to add devices/submit devices - just to see what is entailed.

  4. Hi all,

    Whilst FLIRC is great and will work with a lot of remotes, some use strange IR settings.

    Currently users of harmony remotes (many models) have issue with microsoft mce setting for harmony remote when used with flirc due to issues:

    Currently i'm recommending the plex plex player setting however I was wondering if we should settle on something else or even ask for a setting on harmony as Jason seems to know the different types of input flirc can handle - that way any IR command would be certified to work with FLIRC

    Anyone else have any views on this?

  5. Issues with Microsoft MCE and MCE keyboard configured remotes (including universal remotes)

    Symptoms (all or one)

    1. When Programming FLIRC message of 'Button already exists' even though a different keyboard button is being programmed by a different remote control press

    2. Having to press a key on the remote twice to send a command

    3. Programming FLIRC issues when a different USB port is used from when it was originally programmed

    Cause (to each of the symptoms above)

    1. This remote profile is a microsoft protocol that uses a non-standard frequency. Flirc can work with it, but it's not the best
    2. The remote sends out a unique key code every other consecutive key press, for the same physical button.
    3. Probably one of those microsoft remotes that use the non standard frequency, 56kHz. 38kHz is the frequency most remotes use, which is the center frequency for flirc.
      Tricks have been played to get flirc to work at 56kHz, the placement from the front of the computer, to the back of the computer, will actually have slightly different frequency drifts, changing the unique pattern associated with a button.


    (Remedy for all issues) Try another device setting; sony, samsung, boxee, plex. It won't matter which one you choose as you'll be programming flirc what each button does.

    other possible solutions:

    - (For issue 1) The quick remedy to this is to record each button twice, and "catch" each unique key code for every button.

    - (For issue 2) The flirc command line has an option called sensitivity. You can try lowering this number

  6. Sorry for the stern title but I thought it would easier and quicker if issues and solutions were compiled in a thread for rapid resolution.

    I will try and update this sticky as more topics come to light.

    Sometimes i'll accidentally miss or forget to add an issue to this thread, please PM me if this is case - i'll really appreciate it

    This Thread could add to the FAQ in the future should Jason feel the need.


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  7. I meant to flag the + and - issue as you can't access them in the keyboard UI.

    i neglected to mention it as I found out that in harmony software you can map volume button to another device on you remote. e.g. in my case when in the setting to control xbmc when I press volume up it sends the volume up command to the tv using the tv device setting.

  8. Agreed, microsoft profiles seem rather, estranged to FLIRC.

    At the moment I've had good success with the plex profile (manufacturer: plex model: plex player) though it would be nice if we didn't have to use the plex profile, especially as I suspect a lot of users are using xbmc :).

    Of course if it got far enough we could always ask harmony to create a FLIRC profile (to ensure all key presses are consistant and recognised by FLIRC) but i'll leave that idea for a while.

  9. Far easier just to do a direct 1:1 mapping - set your Harmony up as a keyboard, then look at the list of keyboard commands in XBMC. Program each letter in the flirc software to be that button on the remote. Then you know your remote is sending 'P' for play, for example. And you can easily then use ALL keys, with modifiers etc....lots of buttons to play with.

    Surely it is pointless to map 1:1. For example:

    Using harmony software you map p to play button

    Then you program FLIRC to recognise the play button as p

    FLIRC wouldn't know the play button is p from the harmony software only because you've told it that it is p through FLIRC programming

    so surely you could do this instead:

    Ensure something is mapped to the play button

    Then you program FLIRC to recognise the play button as p

    Also remember

    Manufacturer: Microsoft

    Model: MCE

    has very few buttons

    Manufacturer: Plex

    Model: Plex player (not player or just plex)

    has over 60 buttons including 0-9 and F1 - F12 (probably enough to map all the buttons)

    Manufacturer: Microsoft

    Model: MCE Keyboard

    has the most

  10. I looked at the Plex Player in the Harmony settings put it is limited to the amount of keys to program and then I would have to edit the keymap.xml file in XBMC which I was hoping to avoid by purchasing the flirc.

    Manufacturer: Plex

    Model: Plex player

    I have my remote set up like this and it has all the keys doing something (apart from the random colour one). You wouldn't have to edit the keymap file in xbmc as flirc appears as a keyboard no matter (not a plex remote). You are programming FLIRC in any remote you set, you would never have to touch the xbmc keymap file

  11. Depending on how much fiddling you want to do; have you tried using a different device on your harmony (perhaps give:


    plex player

    a try?)

    I used to use MCE keyboard but found that some commands were too similar and flirc didn't like them

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