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  1. You are correct in your logic. (which is why Jason wasn't convinced it it was FLIRC) This thread is quite old (relatively) and the user was running an XBMC nightly (i.e. before the betas). Don't worry about it if your not having any problems. Are you having problems similar to this? Regards Chris! (p.s. whilst I'm not Jason I believe I can answer your question, hence why I answered)
  2. hmm. Whilst that is technically true it could cause issues when you program on a mac then plug it in to a non-mac computer. Personally, whilst I am a mac user, I find it a bit silly that it is called delete when it functions as backspace. Alternatively it could have a symbol instead of saying delete or back space which could be a compromise to this discrepancy between platforms. As always it's Jason's choice. Regards Chris!
  3. FLIRC suddenly stopped working Symptoms After a computer crash (including hard-reset) FLIRC no longer functions as it did before () Cause FLIRC may have got corrupted. Solution Try uploading the firmware again (http://blog.flirc.tv/?page_id=46) if this doesn't work please start a new forum thread. Thanks to forum user forensic6
  4. Multi-remote (non-harmony) Symptoms Only some keys work with FLIRC Cause We're not sure, if you have this issue please let us know what profile your remote is programmed with (when trying to use FLIRC) so Jason can get more remotes support by FLIRC. Solution Try and find the manuel for your remote (google-ing it is often the best solution) and try a TV profile to control FLIRC (such as Samsung/Sony/Panasonic etc) Thanks to forum user Ridger111
  5. I'll investigate the other issues later as i'm a little busy until thursday. I'll try each of presets and compile issues. Cheers for the push!
  6. I haven't got a computer in front of me but i think delete on the keyboard preset is actually backspace. Another one to fix.
  7. Just to reiterate: The XBMC preset in FLIRC GUI should correspond to this list: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Global_Keyboard (Some of them appear not to - haven't tested this myself yet) and key functions (relatively) fundamental to XBMC that are missing include: Home menu = ESC (I think back and previous directory are both mapped to backspace, perhaps merge those two and create a home menu button) Context menu = C Also I think the "skip track" buttons (second row down at the very right) should be mapped to [ and ] to skip chapters (waiting on results from tis thread though: )
  8. Good to hear. Then I assume, like you, that the XBMC pre-set on FLIRC has a few bugs in it. I'm gonna move this thread to feature suggestions so Jason can track it a bit better. (If you want it moved back to here (general questions) - just let me know)
  9. This is a good suggestion. Then we could isolate the problem at the remote (if there was a problem) instead of having to go round all the steps. Not sure how easy it is too implement... [cue Dramatic Jason entry to thread music]
  10. Hi boristheblade, Welcome to the forums. I think at the moment the XBMC preset is to get people started as Jason is working hard on features (wake from sleep and other nifty functions) so hasn't made a comprehensive preset for XBMC (yet). I've been led to believe that "[" and "]" (i.e. open square bracket and close square bracket), are the shortcut for next and previous chapter (http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=905337&postcount=151) I think you can just flip to keyboard preset and just program those two keys (without having to re-do the rest). Do you mind giving it a quick test and reporting back? Also, how are you finding FLIRC in general? Regards p7 (p.s. I liked the thread you started about CES on forum.xbmc.org - threw up some interesting stuff.)
  11. Glad it's now working - hope you're enjoying FLIRC. I have a harmony 300 (same as the 300i but not shiny - as a result cheaper). This is set as a panasonic tv for FLIRC control (as I have a samsung tv). http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003BJTPBW/ I like it, though the other models have more features. Thanks for reporting back - helps us to help other users :)
  12. Shouldn't cause any issues, so far we've advicing people to use a different make of tv preset to control flirc to the model of tv they actually own. Let us know how it goes.
  13. Hmm. I remember a similar thread. This forum user was having a similar problem and reprogrammed a similar remote to another setting to control flirc. I googled your remote control and came up with this PDF guide: http://www.metrocast.com/guides/MetroCast_Remote_OCAP_M1056.pdf on page 61 there is some codes for samsung tv's. Perhaps you could give one of those a try to see if it alleviates the issue. Regards P7
  14. Sorry to bounce you around threads but waking FLIRC is still in beta (have you got this firmware?). So i believe you should be able to.
  15. The on/off button would send in i/r signal that is usually associated with on/off for samsung tv's. For FLIRC you will have to tell it what command you want that i/r code to do (in your case sleep or wake). For more info:
  16. Sweet. And it plays Monsters Inc. :)
  17. Fair enough! (Although doesn't xbmc have a netflix plugin?)
  18. I'm curious; why do you have Plex, XBMC and Boxee? You certainly know how to make the most of FLIRC! :)
  19. I think this is more than fair enough. Though it is hard to achieve this simply. To elaborate on this issue with MCE remotes, it's basically due to non-standard i/r frequencies. So a warning would have to be very technical (i.e. frequencies outside of 38kHz may not work as expected) - how would you know that about your remote(?) Or name specific remotes (At the moment Microsoft remote - MCE, XBOX remotes) - of which it would be difficult to list all of them. I'll leave it it up to Jason (as it's his project), but mjkuwp94 does raise a valid point.
  20. Glad you are happy with FLIRC. I , like you, came to FLIRC because of all the other options which are generally not very good. One tip though: We have found that other device profiles (namely TV ones) allow repeated scrolling (i.e. holding down right and it will continue to scroll right). I only mention it in case you were wondering: http://forum.flirc.t...armony-remotes/
  21. Love the setup - very clean and chique!
  22. Check out our knowledge base: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  23. Indeed. A thread on this may help shed some light but there isn't a good solution at present:
  24. You could program a button on your remote (using flirc) to close xbmc e.g. map record button to alt+f4 Then make a shortcut to open xbmc with a keycombo assigned to it e.g. ctrl+space+o and program a different button on flirc (e.g off) I'm on my phone at the moment but i'll try and link to the guide eskro created Are you using windows?
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