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  1. Buttons like the four solid color buttons and buttons that pertain to TV functionality (like Antenna CH MGR, Fav. CH, etc) are non-responsive in any mode outside of TV mode by default.

    I assume because the manufacturer though when in DVD mode (etc) you wouldn't need your favourite channels. Perhaps the remote doesn't send anything when in a different mode.

    My question - if I try to customize the remote control to work with a different device as it is laid out in the manual (press the DVD button, then press the set button and enter in the 3 digit code), would more of these buttons magically become available since the remote would then be trying to replicate the functionality of a different remote control?

    Possibly. There is only one way to find out though...

    Does anyone have a good Manufacturer I could try that would open up a lot of extra buttons on the remote that I can then map into XBMC? Any device in the DVD, VCR, Cable, or STB categories would seem to work.

    Can you map a tv device to the dvd category?

    Try a tv that is different to the model of tv that you have (i.e. if you have a samsung tv, choose a panasonic for the dvd setting to control flirc). That seems like a good bet to get more buttons working.

    pleasant regards


  2. Hi daov2a, welcome to the forums.

    Sorry my reply was later than other threads but I thought I would use a computer to respond and try and help a bit more as a result.

    Thanks so much for posting about your remote (for other users of different remotes reading this thread please post your experiences too). Your information is greatly appreciated.

    As I understand it, this remote is part i/r and part bluetooth? Is the slide out keyboard the only bluetooth bit or do you suspect the buttons you can't program with flirc are bluetooth too?

    Tried to load the FW for wake from sleep but it failed the upload and the Flirc app crashed. Had to re-load FW 1.0 to get it working again.

    Which beta did you try? Did you try loading it again after FW 1.0 fixed it?

    Another odd quirk. If you program the remote to respond on a particular input on your Vizio TV with XBMC, such as HDMI-1, it will not work on any other port. Let's say you move your XBMC to HDMI-2: the remote no longer responds or sends the proper commands. Tried wiping the config on Flirc and re-loading FW but no dice. My guess is that something on the remote has to be reset before it'll push to that other input for XBMC but I just moved it back to the other port as my goal was to make it easy.

    I'm not sure I understand (my TV is really old). You can restrict certain buttons to certain inputs (e.g. TV guide button could only work with the HDMI that a cable box is plugged into - and not the HDMI that a blu-ray player is?)

  3. Hi anrefsah,

    I've tried Googling it but with little results.

    Have you got a Manuel?

    If it is an I/r remote it should work, though as this is a small company it is hard to test every remote. If one of the companies remotes work, I reckon it will.

    For example we found that MCE remotes by Microsoft don't work, then Xbox remotes didn't work either.

    Pleasant regards


  4. Welcome to the forum kneighbour,

    I think the shipping cost is calculated due to an offer jason got as a flat rate. There may be something he can do (so we'll wait for a response from him).

    However in the the meantime, in case it affects anything, I believe it is shipped in quite a big box so jason can fill the box with loads if you wanted more than one or knew people near you who wanted some too. The shipping would be the same.

    We'll wait for Jason's response though.

  5. Welcome to the forums Amadeus,

    Yep, new features are being worked on. However Jason has a full-time job as well as this project (of which he is the only one coding for) so progress may appear slower than other larger projects.

    Your Questions:

    1) Waking up your mac from hibernate using Flirc and the beta firmware

    At the moment the beta firmware associates a button with the command to wake up the machine. This command cannot be used for another function (only wakes the device). I believe this is planned to be changed so perhaps any button could wake the machine up/the wake button would have another user defined function

    Also it is destined to come out of beta when tested and ready.

    2) Will Flirc work facing away from the remote control (i.e. in the back of a computer)

    Whilst Flirc does have great reception (largely due to Jason's intentional choice of materials and design), I/R is line of sight so given that you may be sat a fair distance away from the box also, this combination may hinder usability. You could turn your macmini around or buy a small USB extender cable.

    3)Is it possible to have a place on the forum/site where users could download configurations created by other users

    Users can share profiles in the forum - I would suggest doing this in the "remote controls" section: http://forum.flirc.t...emote-controls/

    4) Sorry for so many questions but I'm based in the UK so postage for the device adds quite a lot to the cost so I want to make sure it do (either now or in the future) what I'm looking for before I buy

    No problem. I live in the UK too

  6. Welcome to the forums Testmetest

    I didn't think windows 8 was out yet?

    Of course the Flirc module will work once programmed but you may need to use another platform to program it initially.

    Pleasant regards


  7. Hola!

    Thought I would start this thread in case anyone come across any news stories of people using Flirc and/or reviews of it.

    Please post if you stumble across anything.

    Pleasant regards,


  8. That is frustrating. I don't think you should have to do a fresh install of the OS but at the same time it could be an OS thing.

    As you say though, once it is programmed then that is it no more fiddling - just works.

    You could try it on someone else's mac - incase it is something both you and your wife have installed.

    I'm sure Jason appreciates all this feedback, hopefully something can be learned that will benefit other users.



  9. I was able to program the entire remote using the command line Linux utility via ssh (in the same room with the same ambient lighting)

    How strange.

    Are you running linux on your mac or on another computer?

    What Mac are you using?

    For what it's worth, in my limited technical mind, does your mac have anything connected/on such as a camera (often they use i/r to focus).

  10. I have to say that is a pretty good way of making it cross platform.

    Though I think Jason is hard at work on issues and features for the actual device at the moment.

    And most importantly of all - I have no influence on project direction etc.

    Now lets get you mac problems sorted out... :-)

  11. I think the two issues may be separate as in rgm's situation the button is programmed correctly but is not behaving as expected in WMC

    Whereas digialb0y's CTRL+M doesn't appear to work at all.

    The weird thing is, it seems to have mapped the CTRL-F button correctly -- I can open up Wordpad and press my "30s skip" button, and the "Find" dialog opens. However, when Windows Media Center is playing content, the button is totally ignored. Other buttons like "Fast Foward" (mapped to CTRL-SHIFT-F) work fine.

    Can you try a usb keyboard (not diNovo mini to keep it simple as possible) and possibly find a way to recreate the problem again.

  12. That is a nice idea. I think at the moment long presses are currently longer presses of the same key.

    Though i'm not sure how feasible it would be to implement as it would put great emphasis on FLIRC telling the differnece between length of presses but with a larger difference in end result so may cause frustration if FLIRC gets it wrong slightly.

    Still i think it is a good idea

    P.s. welcome to the forums!

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