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  1. How did you program the remote? Using the pre-pared flirc profile on myharmony?


    Your amp is controlled by IR too?




    When I am windows desktop nothing works on the harmony, I assume because I have setup flirc setup as xmbc? Can I work around this somehow?

    Easiest way to think of it:

    Flirc is just a USB keyboard. 

    If you tried pressing XBMC/Kodi keyboard buttons on windows desktop it would do the same.


    What would you like flirc to do when it's on windows desktop? Open Kodi by pressing a button on the remote?

  2. Modmypi/the pi hut should be easier as it's based in the EU so has free trade of goods (you shouldn't be taxed). They're good as well.


    There is a good chance you would get charged tax if Jason sent it from US (even if it were just one Flirc), the more flircs you buy the more you will be taxed.


    Also if it's sent from Jason then it's going to take weeks to arrive.

  3. If I left my iMac in Safari, for example, and then I sit on my couch and want to use Plex Home Theater, my remote keypresses would be sent to Safari, right?





    However you could assign a button on your remote to open the plex app

    You would have to figure out how to open plex using a keyboard combination.



    e.g. tell mac that when you press ctrl+p to open plex app

    then assign a remote button to ctrl+p using the Flirc GUI


    Does this help?



    How to check if bootldr device is detected or not? Please advise.

    bootldr should come up as one of the devices attached if it is there.


    In theory if the main flirc part breaks it should still have the bootldr as a device in the device manager.



    the button presses are only captured sporatically

    By chance they weren't captured every 2 presses were they?

    e.g. Press "ok" - no response

    Press "ok" - a response

    Press "ok" - no response

    etc etc


    What HPTC do you have? Raspberry pi?




    it may bee a show stopper. 

    Understandably, and Jason would give you a refund




    @Jason: Is there a chance that this Flirc is defective? It doesn't seem to have any common symptoms to fixes we usually suggest. Could we tell from a configuration file?



    Chris!, on 05 Feb 2015 - 19:55, said:snapback.png

    Yes as I couldn't get the harmony remote to control both without them conflicting. 

    Which one? 

    (I'm going to assume the latter)


    If you program the harmony TV profile to your TV (e.g. samsung), then program another device onto the harmony as per our help article (either a different tv brand or Flirc profile.


    In the harmony settings you can click on the buttons in one profile and tell it to use another profile for those buttons.


    Your using the flirc profile on your harmony, but when you press the volume it uses the TV profile


    Or am I missing something from your issue?



     Can you help put together a new sub forum for playstation 4 keymappings?

    New sub forum? 

    [edit, so there could be different threads for different keymappings?

    e.g. Keymappings for Netflix

    Keymappings for Plex

    etc ?]


    I've compiled all the info in the help document so far: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203167509-Setting-up-Flirc-with-PS4

    I'll have another quick scan of this thread and update that doc, i've also requested the spreadsheet clotter sent you (couldn't find it in the helpdesk tickets)

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